Just Add Color

Color is kind of scary.  It is hard to know what colors to use in your home, what colors go with one another, or what colors you may get sick of in a couple of years.  That purple accent wall might have been a fun idea a few years back, but your tastes change and now it is just an eyesore.

I always tell my clients to use color on accents in a room, such as pillows, rugs and vases.  They are relatively inexpensive when compared to larger items like sofas or wall colors that take a lot of time to paint.

In some rooms, one or two accent colors are all you need to add a little fun, but don’t be afraid to mix several colors to add personality.  Here is a before and after of a four seasons room.  The furniture we added has some color, but is relatively neutral.  We added pops of color with fun accent pillows.  With all the brown wood on walls and ceiling, the added color breaks up the monotony.

BEFORE: cabin

AFTER: Cabin

More projects found on www.Houzz.com/pro/ChadEsslingerDesign and www.ChadEsslingerDesign.com


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